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Researching the Linge name

Welcome to the Linge one name study.
The aim is to piece together any information about the name Linge, from surnames to place names and anything in between.
This web site I hope will help you with your Linge family history research, I am a registered Guild of One Name Studies researcher #3549. My research started over 20+ years ago when I found a family history program for the Atari computer that I had. Then in 1995 we found out my then father-in-law had cancer (Arnold Peter Linge) and he passed away in June 1995, so this research has grown from there. I am collecting any information about the name Linge and two other variations Lynge and Lingo, so should you have any small snippet to a whole database of information I would love to hear from you and hopefully share with you what I have got. I have currently indexed the UK Births, Marriages and Deaths from the civil registration index's of UK up to 2004. Also I have execrated all known entries from the UK censuses, plus I have growing index's for, parish records to name just a few and any other information the I have been able to collect.

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